Grant Writing

As a researcher, conducting research and providing education take up most of your time. Today, society increasingly requires justification on spent taxdollars through knowledge utilisation and the reporting thereof. In most calls, The Dutch National Research Council (NWO) awards 20% of your final score based on your utilization paragraph, even though it is hard to predict what impact your research will have.

IDfuse understands that it can be very challenging to incorporate utilization activities in a full agenda, and we’re therefore eager to help you. Knowledge utilization should not threaten good research, but instead provide opportunities to improve. Research shows that scientists who interact actually perform better scientifically (French Article, FOM evaluation). With hands-on and tailor made support in knowledge utilization for your product, IDfuse helps you with building your impact track record. If you are interested in our approach, feel free to reach us for more information about our past successes and specific ideas for your project.