Impact Workshops

Researchers often have to apply for grants, and knowledge utilization is getting more important in these grant applications. Many NWO programs will ask for commitment of external organizations, in cash or in kind. Even scientific NWO calls ask to write a chapter on 'knowledge transfer'. And in the European Horizon2020 program, societal impact is in many calls even more important than in the Dutch calls.

In the impact workshops of IDfuse, we help researchers to find the (societal) value within their research and the stakeholders in society that could benefit from this research. We worked for several NWO programs, like Brain and Cognition, Smart Governance, Human Capital and URSES. Next to these programs we organized many impact workshops for half of the universities in the Netherlands now, including the universities in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Leiden. Often in order to help participants to prepare for the knowledge utilization paragraph for their grant proposal.

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