NWO Impact Kickoff

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Valorization is a process that ideally accompanies the entire research project since at the end, most flexibility in research design has been lost, and with little adjustments the research might have had a lot of practical implications for specific organizations.

For various programs intitiatied by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), IDfuse has been involved at the start to give the newly appointed reseasrchers (PhD’s and Postdocs) a course on knowledge utilization. A combination of lecture, discussion and workshop is used to make sure that there is ample opportunity for interaction and application of the models used. IDfuse has several stylized cases that can be used for a wide range of audiences, but it is always preferable to allow the scientists to bring in their own case.

IDfuse also helps in designing workshops and trainings about the societal impact of research such as the one for the University of Utrecht.